Diavel In The ‘Ville


July 5, 2012 by rikkirockett


If there is one place that I look forward to playing every tour, it’s Nashville. With it’s home like feeling, endless talent and fun strip it’s one stop where friends are always plentiful and good times are always had. Nashville just happens to be where I met my wife, Melanie Martel!

Nashville is also the home of Brian Nutter, Keith Urban’s guitarist and background singer who just so happens to be an avid motorcycle rider. In fact, Brian takes a bike on the road with Keith on tour as well. Brian also happens to be a member of my little club, The Brit Iron Rebels. Brian showed up to the Bridgestone arena where we were playing on his Triumph Bonnie Black. A fine machine, but Brian was anxious to get up close and personal with the Diavel as he is also a fan of the Italian brand, owning a few over the years. Brian being a Nashvillian, it was only right that he would be my riding guide over the next couple of days in The ‘Ville.

After some riding we ended eating and then finally riding out to his new place so he could show off his motorcycle projects and his amp/guitar room. Brian is sporting a nice collection of pretty much everything!  Later we stopped at Bloodworth Ducati to check out the new AMG Diavel. Pretty bad assed, but I’ll stick with my Chromo even thought that AMG WILL  be a collector bike most likely.

Brian amps

Brian guitar

We arrived back a bit late, but not enough to get me in trouble. Onstage, Brian played “Nuthin’ But A Good Time” with us (Poison) that night and tore it up. However, that wasn’t enough. After a lengthy “Meet ‘N’ Greet”, we took off to the “Fiddle and Steel Guitar Bar” on our bikes where we ended up sitting in with some friends and bustin’ out some jams late into the night. Too fun! I felt pretty comfortable as a “Rockett Drum Works” drum is the house kit for “The Fiddle”. It sounded great as well. courtesy of Jodie Maphis the sound man.

The next day, Brian and I took off once again for a cookout. I tossed the Go Pro Video Cam on the Diavel just for giggles. (Below is the video with Brian on his Triumph leading the way through town.) Later we wound up at The Fleet Street Pub, A British style pub for a couple cold ones and some chatter. All in all a great time was had!


6 thoughts on “Diavel In The ‘Ville

  1. Hey Rikki.. looks like a great day! How did the hand-built bike go? DId it ever go? Or is it still in your stable? Hope all is well.

  2. Chantel says:

    Looks like a very nice bike…just stopping by to say hello. Be careful where you park your stuff in downtown Cleveland and make sure everything is locked up tight! Just sayin!!

  3. Carrie Marcott says:

    People either really really hate Nashville or really really love it. My friends call it Nastyville, LOL! Hey, THANX FOR THE RIDE! HAHAHA!

  4. Steve says:

    Ride the Natchez Trace….

  5. Michael says:

    Dude. Great blog. Lemme know if you need some bags for that beast. I just happen to be the US Distributor (and a fellow drummer) for the best ones out there. Plenty Diavel owners are digging ’em good style. If you like, you can gimme a shout through the website http://www.kriega.us and we’ll see what we can do.

    Keep ‘er lit!


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